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Shalom!  ברוכים הבאים

It is my (Mrs. Hermit) hope that this site will be useful, encouraging, and inspiring to many.  This is a place to share my tutorials, reflections, extra blessings, and fellowship.  You're welcome to comment on posts, request that a post be made for you on the Community Board or that your site be shared on the blessing page, as well as request blessings.

Most, not all, of the content will be contained within the Blog and Youtube Channel. For those like me who love order instead of a long stream of consecutive, mixed-up posts, I've organized the content into relevant categories in the top Menu.  Each post on the category pages will be clickable to help you find it more easily.

The Blessings tab features items for free or sale made by Mrs. Hermit (Ideas From The Master) and others!  If you'd like to request an item, have a custom request, or would like more information, please send me a note! Contact me if you'd like your store/items mentioned on the Community Board or on the Links Page.

If the content on this website and Youtube channel are helpful to you, please consider sending a thank you!


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